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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New GOP ticket order - Ryan/Romney

Ann Romney gave a good speech and after hearing her, I'd vote for her...for HER. But she didn't tell me anything about HIM, and he's the one running for President. 

Chris Christie sounded like a high-schooler giving his first public address to the student body. It was embarrassing, and since I'm an Independent, I really didn't care if he embarrassed himself. That's an indicator how bad his performance was.

This morning, I'm still embarrassed for him.

But the pundits are right about one thing, the ticket has flip-flopped such that now, it's a Ryan/Romney ticket instead of a Romney/Ryan one. Looks like the GOP have picked yet another real winner for VP candidate. 

After the election, maybe Mr Not-Vice-President Ryan and Mrs Not-Vice-President Palin can start a club.