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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Dumbing Down of America - An Ongoing Theme

The dumbing down of America is part of the downward spiral we've been in for decades, beginning with the rise of the Religious Right. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, and the entire Southern Baptist pantheon of religiots always played down to their parishioners, and to everyone else, for that matter. No politicians had the courage to stand up and say, no, the god-fearing, dumb-as-a-sixpack hick schtick doesn't represent the average American. Or at least it didn't then. Now? Yep. 

Jimmy Carter was part of it, as was Bubba, W, and now President Obama says that he and Michelle like watching 'Duck Dynasty'. Really? Horseshit!

Joe Camo didn't just appear - he was created. He's a bespoke model special ordered from Winchester and delivered by Walmart, built so that his ass fits church pews across the republic. Religion can't have upward mobility unless it's wearing RealTree and holding a Budweiser, right up until JC steps out of his F-150 and into his megachurch. The "elite", as Sarah Putin-Palin refers to anyone with more than two firing synapses, can sort the wheat from the chaff, so the only way to deal with them is paint them as Satanists - or worse, Liberals - and then to marginalize them. Us. You, I, and those with whom we associate freely.

We're 'the enemy' because we won't buy what these idiots are selling - at Low Prices, Everyday! 

I realize that it's a chicken-and-egg situation, and hell, I don't know which precipitated what, frankly. But I damned sure don't think that we'd have gone down this road if Richard Nixon and Ronnie RayGun hadn't needed a voting monobloc which was delivered by religion. 

Raise the sights and shoot for Mars? If God had wanted us on Mars, he'd have put us there! Teach evolution in schools? If God had wanted us to evolve, he'd have made Charles Darwin Pope!

Preachers, pastors, and priests are all paid liars, so they're a natural fit for politics. What they needed was a quiet flock who wouldn't complain, would take their daily dose of dogshit and call it tasty, and who would pony up for both the collection plate and politicians. 

Then along comes Fox News; a group of Libertarians dolled up in their expensive finery, elitists of the highest caliber, telling Joe Camo that we're the elitists, that we're the enemy - not political rivals, mind you, but the enemy - and that we're trying to take away their right to have no more rights. So, accustomed to sitting in a building at least once a week and being told what to think, they BELIEVE! They believe with their entire selves. No fiber of doubt among them, they believe! 

"Look hyeah, Dollbaby Purty Mouf, they's a nuu show on Fawks 'bout some mountin' men what livin' like real men live. We gon' watch 'at!"

"But, DaddyHusbandBrother, yew sed I culd watch Hunny Buu Buu!"

"Shut yer mouf and git me a beer, bitch!"

Maybe I ought to use that hammer on myself afterall.