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Friday, March 6, 2015

Moving Humanity Toward A More Equal, Fully-Transparent, Open-Source, One-World Government; Not Your Grandfather's "New World Order"

We will only begin to fully address the issue of inequality when we redress the overarching problems of tribalism, nationalism, and regionalism.

When the day comes - and it will if we don't kill ourselves first - on which we have an open-source, one-world government, then and only then can we begin moving toward a global society, respecting local traditions, where the rights of all are guaranteed and enforced by law.

Not the "New World Order" that George HW Bush, et alii, have foretold, but a true open-source, fully transparent, one-world government. A government where every action is available for everyone to see - every contract, every agreement, every email, every phone call, every thing. A government that doesn't need to have a central location because the internet - or its higher-level replacement - will allow the governing bodies to assemble electronically, eliminating the need to spend massive sums on the infrastructure of buildings. A government that realizes that humans will make mistakes and take that into account with backup systems which will kick in in case of corruption. And which will then immediately indict and prosecute the guilty. A government where every voice counts, in a global democratic republican form that follows the wishes of the many while not trampling on the rights of the few, guaranteeing liberty and the right to enjoy life for all of Earth's citizens, human or other.
A government that recognizes the need to take care of the one spaceship we have to journey us through - and protect us from - the cosmos.

As families split off from clans which splintered from tribes and then moved on to form new nations and peoples, with little doubt some scoffed and said that the new ventures would fail. That the new ideas would come to naught. And with little doubt, some will scoff at the idea of a one-world government. And some - many - will publicly decry the change only to give themselves time to retool in order to profit from the new realities. Just as many do today, and probably always have.

But also - as we always have - we will accept that the current system is broken. It served for a time, and served some more and better than others. It's time, however, has come to an end.

Just as we outgrow our toys and clothes when we mature and move onto new attire and new habits, it is time to recognize that we are at one of the most remarkable periods in human history. We stand in the portal of interstellar space flight. Within a century, humans might well be taking the first steps into the unknown beyond the heliosphere, courtesy of the 100 Year Starship, possibly powered by an Alcubierre Drive engine. Before we make that leap, it might well be advisable to put our affairs in order here, on Earth, our home.

It is time to recognize that by leveraging the power to crowdsource ideas on a global electronic scale we can constitute a new way of governance wherein global problems can be solved via global electronic query and whose solutions can be chosen by global electronic vote. All accomplished in the open. A one-world government has no need for secrets. From whom would it keep secrets? Why? It wouldn't for it would have no need, just as it would have no need for armies, navies, or air forces. A professional, committed global police force would handle crime in an open, professional manner taking into consideration that they serve the people they protect. But no militaries would be required, and no money would be needed to fund them.

It would be folly to suggest that violence would come to a sudden end and rainbows spring from every cloud, but removing some of the worst seeds of conflict - national borders - would allow us to begin a process of fixing our problems with the realization from the outset that it would be a process, not a destination.

Imagine turning the money we spend globally from waging war on each other because of national borders to waging war on poverty and hunger. Imagine turning the war onto fixing what we've broken with our home, Mother Earth. Imagine providing a basic guaranteed living standard for every human being so that no person has to be homeless or hungry.

We can move forward intrepidly into an uncertain future full of hope, or we can continue down the same known path to certain destruction and suffering, because it's where we are, and it's where we will continue to go unless we change our path.

We celebrate explorers because they cast off the shackles that bound the race and moved us past oceans and shorelines to new lands, opening the world for us. Are we going to rest on those laurels or are we going to emulate the strong and move on into our own brave futures? We surely won't do it in a world fractured by the fault lines we call borders.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Government Shutdown Over DHS Funding Not Averted, Simply Postponed. Again.

Here's what we absolutely must do to prevent the minority in America - and by "minority" I mean 'stupid' - from overruling the will of the majority: We must have immutable reform of Congressional redistricting. We must have an all-party panel to sit down and redo or review every Congressional district in the nation, then adjust it according to population, not party. No more gerrymandering. No more shifting district lines to allow a handful of white people to control voting. We must account for the rise of third-parties. We must allow flexibility beyond the current inflexible two-party system we're shackled to now.

One party should not be able to obstruct democracy like it does now. We know that. Why do we keep allowing it? Are we simply afraid of change? Have we lost the will to act that our Founding Fathers had? Because if we have, maybe we need to let the states which want to secede to do so and just call it quits.

Personally, I think we can adapt, but that means that we have to quit kicking the can down the road and ACT.