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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whack-A-Mole, GOP-style (Cue Psy...two, three, four!)

I said before and I'll say again that the GOP ran 2 weak candidates in 2008 and 2012 against Obama: John McCain and Mitt Romney. 

They knew, like the rest of us suspected, that the economy was headed down the toilet and they wanted to be able to use a Democrat as the scapegoat for 8 years of Enrich The Rich economics which tanked the economy. They probably guessed back in 2008 that Obama, if he won, would be a one-term President, not guessing that he had a chance at a second term. But when the economy hadn't recovered by 2012, they doubled down and ran a second weak candidate, Romney, figuring that as long as they had an intransigent Congress which would stop most Obama initiatives, as it has, they would be in good shape to take over the Oval Office again in 2016 when the economy was back on its feet. But, they underestimated the depth of the recession and now they're running scared for 2016, so they're at Defcon 1 with anything at all they think they can turn to their advantage.

But, their own man, former SecDef Robert Gates, unwilling to lie, put the kibosh on that end run on Sunday, as far as the non-partisan public is concerned. So, it's back to North Korea-like hypervigilance hoping for new scandals to arise. 

It's like the GOP is playing Whack-A-Hillary, using the oversized, comic mallet of Conservative Doom to obliterate-then-defecate any hint of success that might, in an alternate universe with idiocy aforethought, be construed as shining a positive light on Democrat-leaning news, especially as it applies to former Secretary of State Clinton.

Watergate none of this is, but someone in the GOP must be channeling Richard Nixon.