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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Romney views most Americans

What Romney has demonstrated is that the people of his socioeconomic group want to keep the middle and working classes poor and owing so that the wealthy will have sufficient labor to do their housework, grow their crops, fetch their drinks and food, and fill their factories and call centers with cheap labor. Failing that, they at least want to teach the rank and file their place in society with Romney and his cronies on top, and everyone else underneath them. Bain Capital was just the prelude. In a sense, it was Romney's graduate school where he learned exactly how to send American jobs overseas without remorse, chop up American companies into bits too small to handle the debt that he and his cronies saddled them with, and then leave the plebes in the lurch while his investors made millions. 

Know your place, peons! You're here for this reason only: To vote Mitt Romney President, then go home, shut your mouth, do your minimum wage job, and repeat the process in 4 years. Minus the job, of course.