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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Response to BBC article, link at bottom

Democracy is an experiment two-thousand years in process. The American version is a constitution-based federal republic with a strong tradition of democracy. The very description of our type of government gives a hint that reason need not play a part in it. True democracies can have the effect of marginalizing minorities, a blow against reason, although reason would seem to favor a true democracy. But reason isn't the metier of the masses, at least not when they act like a mass...or mob.

Rational principles would also seem to favor an intellect-based rule, but that experiment ended badly for the Soviet Union, and most other Leninist-Communist states.

I suspect that we'll blunder on until someone disproves the capitalistic model prevalent in democracies today, if Big Banking hasn't already done that and we're just too unreasonable to see it.

From the article 'A Point of View: The enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes' at the link found here .