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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where's our Hunter S Thompson?

The problem isn't socialists or socialism. The problem is the fully-grown fascist movement in America, where former-conservatives have capitulated to the Tea Party Taliban any notion that accommodates common sense. And it's an Oroborous movement where the head - Newton "Mittens" Romulan - eats the tail and regurgitates the same shit that every other ditto-head before him has espoused. Listen to any conservative and you've listened to every conservative because they have NO IDEAS! None. So what passes for Repubi-Christo-Fascist policy can adequately be described as 'Same shit, different candidate'. In fact, the introduction of any new idea is frowned upon, UNLESS the idea is so whackadoodle crazy that Lyndon LaRouche would have to move right to find the political center under it. Logic and common decency have been held hostage by a gun-nut fringe that demands the first born of democracy and compassion. 

We have to deal with them now and goddamnit, we need our own Hunter S Thompson. Matt Taibbi and Ezra Klein have been fending off the forces of the Dark Side for us, but we need a knight, a champion. Taibbi could pull it off if he could get on the main stage but the bastards know that and won't let him.

We'll see what tomorrow and the recall of Scott Walker brings, but I hear the rusty gates of Mordor opening and I fear the Riding of the Wargs.