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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What We Will Do If Climate Deniers Are Wrong

I've said consistently for the past couple years that if the climate change scenario was put into an 'off the cliff' scenario, we would fight to get the car under control and then worry about who was wrong later. But we're not because Big Money has paid scientists, the conservative media, and anyone else with influence to deny climate change. Criminally so.

So, when climate change gets to the undeniable point, here's what we will do: We will find the responsible parties. We will find the wealthy financiers. We will find the paid denier scientists. We will find the corporate executives. We will find major investors. And then we will have a trial. And then we will require them to build their own gallows. And then we will hang them by the necks until they're dead. In the public squares. And it will serve as a warning to generations to follow, in perpetuity, that if you lie and your lies affect the planet, humanity, our lives, or our livelihoods, we will find you, your family, and anyone who profited from your lies and we will execute them publicly, painfully, and to the last member of their families.

This is what we will do, and no power on Earth can stop us. You are warned.