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Friday, January 13, 2012

Stock markets = economic leeches

The world's economy has been trashed because people who contribute NOTHING shift money from buyer to seller, raising the cost of virtually everything that those who DO AND MAKE THINGS must buy in order to live.

The stock market is a pariah, a leech, a vampire. It sucks the blood and life out of our lives. Life's necessities especially - food, shelter, clothing - should NEVER be subject to speculation. The leeches have ruined our economy and then rewarded themselves and their cronies for a job poorly the tune of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

When are we going to stop this? Why AREN'T we stopping this? Occupy was a step in the right direction, but what we really need is ACTION, not talk. A day will come when we are forced to evict the leeches and that day will be the Second American Revolution. Like the first one, this one will necessarily involve force, and it will be led by men and women blooded by 2 unnecessary wars. Men and women who went and fought so that the stockbrokers could sit back and laugh that they had it so easy while someone else's kid went to give his life or lose her limbs. This will not be allowed to continue.