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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Shortly after the various Tea Party groups came to prominence and began holding meetings (conclaves?) around the country, I began to take note of their positions on various issues. In the early days, some advocated for secession from the Union. As a veteran, I took umbrage at that. Fomenting secession is tantamount to treason. Treason is a capital offense. It was at that time that I named them the Tea Party Taliban. Their recent crimes and misdemeanors in the debt debacle bear out that I was right and I'll add this to my earlier caveat: The Tea Party Taliban are accomplishing in Congress with Eric Cantor at the helm what Al Qaeda couldn't do - Bring the USA to its knees.

Treason is a capital crime and after due process the punishment for treason is one that the "Eye for an eye" crowd wholly supports. I'm sure you catch my drift.